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Hello and welcome.

I'm an Australian author of nine books, seven of which are novels, the most recent being My Hundred Lovers. I've been a writer of fiction for almost twenty-five years now and I still get as much joy out of writing as I did when I started. It's a hard life to live in many ways but a rewarding one. I’m now also working full-time as a journalist at Qweekend magazine, a Saturday colour magazine published in Brisbane, Australia.

My two non-fiction books are a memoir, A Better Woman, and an essay On Beauty (part of the Melbourne University Press series Little Books on Big Themes, which includes Germaine Greer On Rage and David Malouf On Experience).

You'll find information about all of my books on this site, including the most recent novel, My Hundred Lovers.

In 2010 I returned to live in Brisbane, Australia, after almost ten years living in London. I sometimes miss the National Portrait Gallery and Hampstead and the changing seasons of the northern hemisphere and much else besides but I also love to look up at the sky at night and see the stars once again in their rightful place. The Southern Cross has never looked so fine to me.

One of the many pleasures of having a website is the stream of emails I regularly receive. I'm always happy to hear from readers (there's many a letter or email that I have printed and pinned to my noticeboard -- for inspiration, encouragement and comfort). You're welcome to email me directly through the website here. For information about permissions, rights, interviews, readings and other matters please contact me through the same link.

Thanks and happy reading!

For the latest events, interviews, conversations and reflections, check out Susan's blog.

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